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 Hello users, Welcome to Disclaimer blog

By continuing to access this blog you we consider to have understood, understood and agreed to the rules that apply to this blog, as we write below are as follows:

This Blog we build to learn smart internet and develop themselves and smart in building social business and economic relations on the internet. This Blog contains general articles that can be read by all ages.

In every article we publish there is a date, month & year of writing. The information published on this blog is intended for reference or reference only, we recommend that you multiply references from other sites. We publish our articles based on what we know at the date, month & year of writing.

There is no guarantee from us that the information available is very accurate and complete so we are not responsible for any errors and delays in updating information, or any losses arising from actions related to the use of information on this blog.

In this blog there are several links that we deliberately planted to other websites that aim as a reference and to complete our content information at the time of writing and at that time is still relevant. Therefore, we are not responsible if there is a change in the content on the page that we have linked to.

We would be very grateful if there are readers who are pleased to notify if there are links or links that are irrelevant or dead on our pages.

We will be very happy if there are readers who deign to comment with a note of comments posted in accordance with the topic being discussed and politely

Finally, all the content that we load on this blog is not absolutely ours, if you find your content that we load accidentally and you object to this situation, you can file a complaint via our email at "" or through the comment box below.

We will remove your content within 1x24 hours after you complete your proof of verification claim against the relevant content.


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