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Term of Use

Welcome to the Terms of Use blog , the following is our policy that applies to every user of this blog.

Writing or posting on this blog is the result of browsing and coupled with a little experience from the author who is also still at the learning stage. All articles of this blog are aimed at disseminating the widest possible information to our users on the Internet. If any other party feels harmed by any of our content, you can submit your objection to our email at or in the comment box below and we will respond immediately within 1x24 hours after we receive your objection.

In addition, you can also help disseminate part or all of our information or content with or without asking permission from us previously with a note that you write a link to our page as the original source.

And if you don't include our link as a source, then don't blame us if we consider you a content thief who violates copyright rules and the stolen content will be followed up immediately.

All content available from us is free content, we do not charge any fees. You are free to download image files, videos and other files from our page for free,

You are free to comment as much as you like, but don't leave SPAM, all comments that are promotional will be deleted.

We welcome you to blog walking, with any language according to the topic being discussed or just just say hello, pertamax, keduaxx etc. We also do not guarantee that you will return to our blog.

Finally, "a good guest is one who is polite and leaves nothing but sound and constructive advice"

and "your criticism and suggestions are we hope for the development and progress of this blog in the future"

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