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What is Blogger? What is Blogspot?


What is Blogger? What is Blogspot?

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a domain that provides services to publish posts either writing or images and also video content on blogs for free while the word "blogger" is also synonymous with a group of people who actively write on the internet and post it on their blogs either using the blogger platform, wordpress and others in general they are called bloggers.

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot is a domain blog publishing facility that you can use to build a blog using the Blogger platform. If you use the service to publish your blog, then automatically your blog will be a subdomain of the domain

Is it a Blog?

According to wikipedia, Blog is an abbreviation of the word web log and is a form of web application that contains various kinds of writing or posting as content. Or a blog can also be dictated as an online newspaper published by the authors of the online newspaper.

What posts can be posted on the Blog?

In general, blogs have free writing programs, so you can write anything as long as it doesn't violate the rules that have been determined as applicable terms and conditions. You can write about school activities, about travel, business activities, technology, about the internet, funny stories, free essays or

about anything you like, besides that you can also load photo and video content on your blog.

I'm interested in starting a blog, How do I get started?

You can go directly to the main page, do the registration, after completing the registration you can immediately start it, it starts with determining the title of the blog in accordance with the topic you will write on the blog later and then proceed by selecting the subdomain of choice, choosing a theme, then click Create blog. You have a blog and you have started writing and publishing your first post.

Do I need to spend money to create a Blog on Blogspot?

You do not need to pay anything, because this service is provided free of charge by the service provider, namely it has been owned by google since 2003.

Can I make money from blogging?

You can if your blog is visited by many readers who come every day. You can register on Google adsense, if your blog meets their requirements, you will be accepted on Google adsense. Then start making money from the blog.

Aside from Google adsense, are there other ways you can make money from blogging?

There are, in addition to joining advertising sites you can also sell your own products or other people's products on the blog and you can also write paid articles on your blog if your blog traffic is very much.


I have created a blog on blogspot and have written many posts, How do I get my writing to be read by people on the Internet?

You need to submit your blog url to search engines such as Google Search Engine and other search engines so that your blog is indexed by those search engines. In addition you should optimize the SEO of your blog. To optimize SEO, you can study at and some other seo experts.

Besides SEO, are there other ways to get my blog found on the Internet?

There, namely by advertising your blog. You can use Google Ads service or other advertising service sites to advertise your blog, but you need to spend money to pay for this service. Because this advertising service is not free.

To optimize for SEO, What should I do?

You can start from optimizing SEO ON your blog PAGE, then followed by optimizing SEO OFF your blog PAGE.

What is SEO on PAGE?

On-PAGE SEO is the process of optimizing SEO done within your own blog. This can be done by optimizing articles that comply with seo standards, explaining your blog's meta tags, choosing templates that match SEO standards, explaining your blog's navigation, removing all broken links and others.

What is off PAGE SEO?

Off PAGE SEO is the process of optimizing your blog from outside the blog itself. You can do this by building quality links that comply with SEO standards, spreading your blog url to various social media, optimizing your blog feed through feedburner, creating a new blog as a supporter of your main blog and others

How to become a good blog writer?

To be a good blog writer, you can write anything as long as you don't violate other people's copyrights or do brutal copy and paste actions in making your content, but try to make sure you really serve your blog readers well so that they feel at home on your blog and are diligent to come back to visit.

How to become a good blogger?

To be a good blogger you need to master the topic of all the articles you have posted on your blog, this is so that you can answer all the questions asked by your readers related to the articles you write. Simply put, How Will you be able to answer the questions of your readers if you yourself do not know about what you have posted.

How to answer a reader's question or comment on a blog?

Try to remain professional in serving your readers even if their comments or questions are not in accordance with the topic you are discussing. Hali is just like a store in the real world, even if visitors come just to ask or just look around you need to serve them well because maybe some time later they come back and actually buy goods in your store if you are friendly to them.

Can my blog on my blogspot be linked to my personal domain?

Yes, you can if you have a private domain. After you associate a blog on blogspot with your personal domain, your blog address will change from become

How do I associate a blog on blogspot with my personal domain?

The first step you have to register a domain on the website of a domain provider service that is widely available on the internet(you just enter the keyword "domain" on Google dork, it will appear dozens of domain provider services) and pay them, after your domain is activated you can make settings directly on the service to direct your new domain to your blog on blogspot, for more details please follow the instructions on your domain provider service. In addition you also need to make changes to the domain settings on your blogspot domain settings through the dashboard and click Settings, see the custom domain settings.

Once I have my own domain, will I lose my blog traffic?

No, all visitors who click from your old blogspot domain will be directed to your new domain, as well as all your blog data, this includes all Article data, all backlink data that you have built, content quality, seo and others.

What are the benefits if I have my own domain?

Having your own domain has many advantages, including that if the blogger stops the service for your blog or for all services, you still have a domain and content that you can move to other services outside for that we recommend that you backup your blog content regularly every week, this is to maintain the loss of your content caused by the unilateral termination of Service

Why Can my blog be stopped or deleted by the service provider?

There are various reasons that make bloggers delete your blog including, your blog produces too much SPAM content, creating articles that contain fraud, Hack, SARA, and others. So far, no blog has been deleted by the blogger without cause, so if your blog is deleted by the blogger, it means you have violated the applicable terms and conditions.

What are the terms and conditions that apply to the blog?

In general, every service either on the Internet or in the real world has Terms and conditions that apply, so before starting on blogger, we strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions that apply first so that you understand what is prohibited on your blog so that there is no unilateral loss the next day.   

I have read the terms and conditions, can I start now?

Please slide to the scene to start it and we wish you success.


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